What Is Coin Master? | How to play it?

What Is Coin Master?

So many of you must have heard about the Coin Master game or maybe it’s one of your Facebook friends who had invited you to join Coin Master. And now you are having questions that what is coin master and how to play it then you are at the right place because in this blog you will get to know every bit of coin master game and a basic tutorial of How to play Coin Masters.

what is coin master

Who developed Coin Master?


Coin Master is developed by an Israeli studio Moon Active and was released in 2016. It comes in the casual mobile game genre. Its owner is Samuel Albin CEO of moon active.

Good in Numbers?


Well from my perspective it is very good in numbers as a Wikipedia report stated that it had over 81 million downloads as of October 2019. It also stats that Coin Master is the top-grossing mobile game in the UK since February 2019 and Germany since June 2019. And I must say that these numbers are very good for an app in Just three years.


Coin Master game’s objective is to spin the slot machine to collect coins and then upgrade your items till the following village gets completed. Other than it many other things are part of this game so let’s check them.

Slot Machine

Its the primary part of this game. Everything in this game revolves around this Casino type slot machine. Players get 6 spins after every hour and then they can use these spins for collecting coins, which helps them in building their village.


After earning coins from slot machines players have to build their village to reach the next village. There are five items in each village and after upgrading each item five times players cross that village.

Card Collection

Card collecting is also an important part of the coin master game. The player has to collect cards of different characters like And when a player collects 9 cards of a set, he gets rewards in form of spins, pet foods, or pet XP(s).


Pets are also an important part of this game. In this game, we get three pets. Foxy, Rhino, and Tiger. All pets have different functions like foxy’s work is digging the extra raid hole, rhino’s work is to provide you an extra shield while the tiger’s work is to provide you extra coins when you attack someone. All the pets give benefits according to their levels, you can increase their levels by feeding pet XP(s) to them.

How to play coin master like a pro?

So if you’re still reading this post then I guess you surely want to know about those tips and tricks which are used by all Coin master pros including me. So here they.

Be regular

It’s the basic point that you have to be regular in this game. There are lots of advantages of being regular in this game one of them is that you will never run out of shields which results in fewer attacks.

Never build your village when you have no money

Yes, you read it write never build your village when you have only some amount of money left. Many players start making their village despite having less money and due to less money, they can build only some character of their village. This also leads to their village being attacked. Thus try to build your village in just one try.

Collect daily bonus

Many people don’t pay attention to the daily bonus wheel but my suggestion would be that you should daily use that bonus wheel to get coins that can help you in many ways.

Collect daily free spins

I am sure that many of you don’t know the fact that the coin master game himself provides free spin links on their different social media accounts So that people follow them everywhere but it is not easy for any working person to go and collect links from everywhere. That is why keeping your convenience in mind, we have created a page where we daily collect links from their different social media accounts and update them here ASAP.

Use ghost mode

Many newbies don’t know about this trick. This trick developed by some coin mater fans or players in which you have to play in the guest mode where none of your Facebook friends will be able to attack or raid you. You can see here how to enter ghost mode and what is it.

Play in events

One thing which I like most about this game is that the developers’ daily run events according to the festivals or occasions happening in the world like they recently did on mother’s day. You can check all the events here.

Buy Chest in boom villages

There is a common saying by coin master players that the one who has a more completed card set that one play will be the pro among all players. And the main source of getting high rare cards is buying chest in boom villages. So always keep in mind that you have to buy chests as much as possible.

Collect daily rewards

So as I told you above, you have to be regular in this game, one of the advantages of being regular In this game is that you get awesome rewards on daily login from the rewards calendar which has been added after the coin master’s new update.