Viking quest event trick in coin master



Viking quest event trick

Hey guys, today we will talk about the Viking quest event and I am going to share a trick with you to win golden cards in coin master. It’s my trick which I use every time in this event. Also, I am going to share with you how you can complete this event. 


viking quest event trick

What is the Viking quest event?

Viking quest is an event which comes regularly in coin master. It is an event to gain the attention of a player. This event is my personal favorite also. In this event, you get a slot machine that looks similar to the coin master slot machine. But it has different icons. It has a Viking king, Viking queen, Hearts, spades, diamond icons in it, and a special icon of a bonus wheel. 
When you get three icons of the Viking king then your imposed bet amount is multiplied by forty, when 2 icons of the king come on the machine your imposed bet will be multiplied by 15 and imposed bet will get multiplied by 5 when one icon of the king comes on the machine, the same happens when three icons of queen come on your machine your imposed bet is multiplied by 15 times.
But the case of the bonus wheel is different when three icons of the bonus wheel come on the machine a bonus wheel located at the top of that machine turns around and then the amount of bet that comes on the machine is multiplied by your imposed bet and then the total amount is added to your account.

Viking quest event advantages

The best part of this event is that you are surely going to win something. As in the first mission you have to spin for just five times and that’s it you get a reward. And the second event is also easy where you have to win some coins and then there comes a mission of winning some coins between 10-20 million on the bonus wheel, the amount of winning coins depends upon your level.
Also, when you enter this event no one will be able to raid you till the time you will play that event.

Reasons for playing Viking quest event

Viking quest event is the best event to get golden cards. You can surely get two or more than two golden cards in this event. And it is also guaranteed that, that two cards will be that cards which were not available to you before that event. But for that, you have to complete some missions and here the trick which I use for this event.

Viking quest event trick

So, for me and maybe for everyone first 5 missions will be easy. The real challenge starts from the 6th mission and after completing this level you surely get a golden card which you do not have before that event. The 6th mission will be of earning 200-400 million coins, the amount of coins to win depends upon your level.
So, here is the trick. First of all, for winning this round you must have 300 to 400 million coins. Now, remember if you got the bonus wheel just before entering the 6th round then start with the lowest bet and increase it after 5 or 6 spins.
Even after that, if the bonus wheel does not come then go back to the main game slot machine and play some chances there and then try with the medium bet. And the best way is if the only bet of 2x or 3x is coming on the wheel then after every win on the bonus wheel reduce your bet. Suppose if your previous bet was of 20 Million then now reduce it to the least bet available then after some spins increase it but don’t increase it more than 10 million.

How to complete the Viking quest

Okay, so now let’s assume that you have passed the 6th mission as well but now you want to complete the event to get another golden card. First of all, I will suggest that you should only go for that card when that card is very rare otherwise completing the event for any rare card is a very stupid thing to do.
So for completing all the missions you must follow the trick I’ve mentioned above and you must have lots of spins and coins available. If you do not have spins then you can collect your spins from here.


So, now I am sure that you guys are ready to play the Viking quest event. Do follow the above trick to get better results in the event. If you have any questions you can ask them in comments or can find your answers in our FAQs or Tips and Tricks.