The magical village 5, Get locked cards

The magical village 5

You guys might have got confused after reading the magical village in the title and must be thinking now what is special in the 5th village. How it is the magical village in coin master?. Many of you guys are not aware of this magic village number 5. So, today I am going to share with you a detailed article about this village.


the magical village 5 in coin master

Why it is called a magical village?

Village number 5 is known as a magical village due to the reason. When you purchase chests in this village it can give you locked cards. Yes, it’s not fake it is for real. Here is the strategy or trick that how you can do it.

How to get locked cards

What you can do to get cards in this village is that you can buy chests as much as possible. And when you will get all of all the unlocked cards after that you have to buy more chests and luckily you will get unlocked cards. Also, all the cards will come up in the sequence that is you will get cards from the set which gets unlocked at the 6th level and also at first 1st card of the set will come up then 2nd,3rd, and so on.

How long you should stay in this village

Now if you are thinking that you can get unlocked cards up to 20th or 30th village than you are wrong. Sadly you can get locked cards up to 8th village. After getting cards till 8th village you can try your luck and can open 1 or 2 chests to get cards. But if it doesn’t work then you should move on.

The disadvantage of this village

Sadly, this magical village trick has also a disadvantage like a ghost mode trick has. This trick is now not working very efficiently or sometimes it is working not for all the players but some of the random players. This is due to the recent updates in the game. This trick is working in countries where there are fewer players.

How to take advantage of this village

You can still try your luck and can use this trick. You can buy chests and see whether the unlocked cards are coming or not. And if you don’t see them coming you can try this trick at the 8th or 10th village.

Is this trick legal?

You must be thinking that this trick is illegal or it may ban my id. But it’s not the truth as it is just a glitch in the game which may get solved in the upcoming updates and the officials will be unable to see that which players are using this or which players have not used it till now.


The conclusion is if you guys are new in this game and your level is less than 10 than you can use this trick and can try your luck. This trick can be very useful to you if you are new in this and you can level up faster than other newbies of this game. I hope you guys will like this trick and if you want you can read about other tips and tricks also. If you have any questions you can read out the FAQ section or can ask you questions in the comments.