Pirate Kings Free Spins & rewards (February 2022)

Pirat Kings Free spins

Pirate Kings free spins for January 2022.

pirate kings free spins

Pirate Kings free Spins | How to get them

To get Pirate Kings free spins you just need to visit our website daily. From our website’s menu, you can navigate to pirate kings free spins. You can also subscribe to get daily emails whenever new pirate kings spin links arrive.

Pirate kings essentials

Spins wheel

When you will open the game you will get to see a spins wheel. And that’s where all the game begins. You get 5 spins every hour to use on the spin wheel. And from there you earn coins to build your own island.


Islands can be treated as levels in this game. Every island/levels have 5 items. All the items need to be upgraded 5 times to cross the island. Just like Coin Master have. All these islands are based on a theme where a pirate is trying to conquer the island. That pirate also attacks other pirates’ islands and raids them also.