Over 100 players can raid you, raid warnings

Whats the matter

So, it has been a while that one of my friends messaged me and said that hey I am getting a message in coin master that Over 100 players can raid you. I thought it is an error or a mistake by coin master. But I was wrong as I also got a message in coin master that Over 50 players can raid you. It’s probably a new topic of gossiping for all the coin masters. Thus, this topic attracted me towards itself and made me research it.

Over 100 players can raid you

There will be many of you who are new to this game. And you must be wondering what is this Over 100 players can raid you? It can be said as a warning from the game to the players who have so many coins in their game accounts.

Why this warning?

The developers of the coin master want a balance in this game. And for the same reason, different rewards are given to all the players based on their levels and categories. They give this type of warnings to the players who stack so many coins in their game account.

What is the limit of stacking coins?

So, now, if you stack coins then the only question which will come to your mind will be that what is the limit of stacking coins. And how can I save myself from getting these types of warnings? Well, as far as I am concerned there must be different limits for different players based on their levels. Still, I will tell you about my case study which can help you to find your limits of stacking coins.

What’s your limit?

When I got to know about this topic I decided to stack as many coins as possible. But my fortunes were not on the right path. But, my brother was doing very well in the game. And at that time he had around 15000 spins and also a good three symbol event was running. So, I told him about this raid warnings and asked him to shift to ghost mode to minimize the raids. He then started stacking coins. At that time his current level was 151 and he got the raid warning after stacking 150 billion coins. So you can now try to find your stacking limit. By the way, when my brother again stacked coins at 159th village he got raid warnings after stacking 170 billion coins.

So now you guys can see the percentage change and can try to calculate your limit. You can also tell me your village in the comments and I will try to calculate your limit for you.

Not just a warning!

If you are thinking that it’s just a warning and no action will be taken then sadly you are wrong. You will get raided a lot now. I can say this because even after using ghost mode my brother was being raided 10 times faster than before. And he finally decided to play Viking quest to dave himself from these raids.

How to overcome these warnings

The Coin Master developers are giving these warnings. So there is no way to glitch this thing. But you can use this strategy to escape from this mode. First of all, try to stack coins when you actually need them. Because if you are going to use all your coins after the very next minute of stacking them then these warnings are not for you. Now, the second option is that if you still want to stack coins. Then, I will suggest you to stack coins till the time you get the warning. And then when you will get the warning then try to spend your money by buying chests for cards.


So, I hope you guys will now be able to escape from these raid warnings. And as always you can suggest me some corrections for this article in comments, I will surely go through all of your suggestions. And yes if you don’t know how and when you can stack coins in coin master. Drop a comment and I will surely share my strategy on stacking coins. And yes if you have some other queries regarding the game check you answers in our FAQs section. Or you can ask your queries in comments, I will assist all of them.