Joker tournament in Coin Master

So, hey all coin masters today we are here to discuss the new concept based joker tournament in coin master. And now if you are thinking that what is the new concept behind it and all. Then don’t worry in this blog you will get a detailed overview of joker tournament in coin master. Also, I will share some good tips and tricks to win the joker tournament in the coin master.

Joker tournament in coin master

Joker tournament is the new concept based latest event in coin master. It is very similar to the three symbols event. It is similar to it in terms of collecting token. As when we will attack 2 or 3 tokens will be added. When we will raid someone 4 or 5 tokens will be added. But the new concept is its reward. Yes, its reward because if you win this tournament you get a joker card, and then you can turn that Joker card into any card you want. But, that card must be unlocked for you at that level.

Special things of Joker tournament in coin master

Not only its price i.e joker card is special it has many other special things too. The first special thing about this tournament is that it is a mini tournament in coin master. But the fact is people care more for it than they care about main events. And it is understandable because, if you will win this you can get any card you want. The second special thing about this event is that it does not give you a chance to collect its token by three symbol methods. That means no three symbols will appear on the slot machine for collecting joker card tokens.

How to win this tournament?

So now after knowing the importance of this tournament and after knowing about its reward. One question will surely come in everyone’s mind that how can I win this tournament? So I’ve got an answer to this question also. You can follow these tips to win the joker tournament.

Stack spins

If you were thinking that you will just need some 500 or 600 spins to win this tournament then sadly you are wrong. I have tried many times to win this tournament without following any tricks. And for that same reason, I failed to win this tournament even after using 10,000 spins. So one thing is for sure that you must have more than 5000 spins for dreaming about winning this tournament.

Have your backup ready

You must have your spins backup ready for this tournament. Because many players try to win this tournament and they use their full energy for winning this. Thus, there is no guarantee that you can win the tournament after using only 5k spins. Thus try to have your backup like a non claimed completed card set. That means you have a card in your gifts but you are waiting for the set blast. Also, don’t forget to collect daily free spin links.

Enter as late as possible

Have you ever noticed this that if you will enter an event or a tournament then you get players that have collected just some amount of tokens. The same rule applies to this tournament as well. So try to enter as late as possible. But yes this doesn’t mean that you will enter just an hour before the tournament’s ending time.

Get out in time

This tip is not for winning the joker tournament it is regarding saving your spins. So, now you know that you have to participate in this tournament with full power to win this tournament. Now what if you are using all your resources but in the midway, you find out that you are not going to win this. So, the best option is to leave the tournament at that moment. But if you still want to try then you can try for the 2nd or 3rd place.

On coming 2nd or 3rd, you get a mystery chest and a fun fact is 1 out of 50 mystery chests contain a joker card. So you can try your luck with mystery chest but the probability is very low. Whenever you find out you are not going to come in the first 3. I Will suggest that you should leave the tournament.


If you will ask me about my personal experience with the joker tournament. Then I will just say that it works best for me. I have collected so many rare golden cards by winning this tournament. I have been in very tough competition while playing in this tournament but these were the tricks that helped me to beat all that competition. So, I hope you have found this article helpful. You can share your experience regarding the joker tournament in comments I will love to read all of them. And yes if you have any queries regarding the coin master ask them in comments or read our FAQs section.