Is it alright to buy chests with cards?

So many players requested me to answer their query that Is it alright to buy chests with cards? That’s why I decided to give you a detailed answer with some logic and facts. But before we get into that let me explain it for newbies that what I am talking about. If you already know about it you can navigate through the table of contents.

Is it alright to buy chests with cards?
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What is buying chests with stars?

Buying chests with cards means that you can exchange your extra cards for buying cards. Let me give you an example. Suppose, I have 5 Excalibur cards and an Excalibur card is a four-star card. So, that means I have 4 extra cards whose worth is of 16 stars. I can trade that 4 cards for buying chests. But the chest’s price will be expressed in stars. That means if a chest’s worth is 8 stars then you will lose 2 Excaliburs for buying that chest. But hold on it is not like that. I have just given you an example to understand the concept. Now, if you are clear with the concept then let’s have a lookout at types and prices of chests.

Types of chests and their prices

These chests are also of three types which is very similar to the chess that we buy with coins. But these chests come with different rewards. The First Chest is of green and gold color. You can purchase this chest by using 50-150+ stars. (Price will be decided according to your level). This chest contains 4 cards, 10-100 spins, and 250-2.5k pet potions.

Now comes the second chest. It is blue and golden. You can purchase it by using 500-1200+ stars. This chest contains 6 cards, 50-500 spins, and 1k-10k pet potions.

Now last but not least, the third chest. It is red and golden. You can purchase it by using 3000-6000+ stars. This chest contains 8 cards, 100-2k spins, 5k-50k pet potions, and a pet snack. Also, one out of 50 of this chest contains a joker card. Even I got a joker card from this chest.

How to buy chests from cards

So that now you know everything about buying chests from cards. Let me now tell you how you can buy chests from cards. Click on three horizontal lines that are located at the upper-right corner. Then click on the 8th option that is card collection. Now you will see a star and a chest symbol at the upper-left corner click on that. Now you will see three chests, their price will also be displayed below them in the form of stars. You can now buy them according to your convenience.

Is it alright to buy chests with cards?

So now after all this basic stuff. The main question which is still now answered. That is, Is it alright to buy chests with cards? In my opinion, if you are very good at trading cards. And also, if you are very active in coin master Facebook trading groups. Then you should not waste your cards. But, if you still wish to buy chests from cards then I will suggest that you should only buy the chests when you have above 10k-15k stars. Also, only the third chest will be best for you to buy.

Personal Experience

When it comes to buying chests with cards my experience has been good with that. Because I only bought these chests when I had 10,000+ extra stars. And I made it very clear to myself from starting that I will only buy the third chest and I will buy it only for once in a while.


So, I am saying this again that don’t buy chests with cards if you are very good at trading cards. And even if you are not so good in trading try to buy these chests only when you are above 10000+ stars. So, I hope you guys enjoyed and learned something while reading this article. You guys can also share your experience of buying chests with cards in comments. Also for any other queries regarding coin master please check our FAQs section. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our daily newsletter from our homepage for getting daily free spins link’s update in your mails.