How to save yourself from attacks in coin Master

How to Save yourself from attacks in Coin Master

How to save yourself from attacks in coin master

Hey guys, in this blog we will discuss how to save yourself from attacks in coin master. As you guys know that coin master is all about building your village and attacking your friends and enemies village, and on the other hand, your village can also be damaged by your friends too which annoys most of you. So here are some legit tips to save your village from getting damaged.

Many players often make this silly mistake that after completing their current village they immediately start building their next village and finally find their village broken after some hours so is there a solution for this well I would say yes, If you will keep these things in mind, then you can save your village and can complete it quickly.

Never Build your village without enough coins and shields

What you have to do is you have to collect cards and shields and should collect your spins daily from here and should play regularly so that you could develop your coin stock in such a manner that can complete your village in a short time.

Never build your village without shields

Many beginners try this daring act of building their village without any shields and in the end, they also find their village broken. So never dare to build your village without having at least 4 shields as after the recent update coin master provides 5 shields.

Use rhino when you have no shields

There will be many of you who have Rhino pet whose work is to save you from attack according to his level. So you guys should have a good number of pet potions to feed rhino so that at the time when you will not have any shield to save your village from attacks rhino will save your village.

Never attack regularly on anyone 

You should never attack anyone regularly in a short interval as it’s not fair in some way and u never know about the person on whom you are attacking regularly and And if he has a lot of spins then he can also attack you constantly. So try to play a fair game as much as possible.

This is it guys, you can follow these easy tips to save your village from getting damaged and can quickly level up as compared to your friends. 
That’s all from my side if you guys have more queries you can ask them in the comment section I will try to assist all your queries as possible for more tips and tricks you can check out our coin master tips & tricks blog. And yes to whoever reading this have a good day :).