How to play mini-tournaments in Coin Master

Many of you might have noticed that along with main events like Raid master & Attack Master some mini-tournaments also run in the game. You can see all the side tournaments on the right side of the game. Many players ignore these tournaments but these tournaments can give you a lot of spins, coins, pet foods, pets xps, and in some tournaments, you can win a golden card too.

Curious to know how can you win these rewards from these tournaments. First, let’s know how these tournaments work.

How these tournaments are played

Firstly, enter the tournament you need to earn some points. As you get enough points to qualify for the tournaments you are added to the group of 50 people. If you will finish in top 10 in the tournament you get rewards according to your position.

Also, you get rewards when you keep earning points throughout the tournament. If you reach till the last reward, you can even earn a golden card.

When and how should you play these tournaments

Here are some points that I have recollected from my coin master experience.

  • You should try to join these tournaments as late as possible because joining these tournaments when they are about end gives you easy competitors to beat.
  • You should only play these tournaments when you have some good amounts of Spins.
  • If you are in a tournament where raids and attacks will give you points then place the higher bets when you feel that a raid or attack is coming.


These tournaments were very helpful in my coin master journey, I hope these strategies will also help you in you coin master journey. If you do have any queries you can ask them in comments, I will answer them as soon as possible.

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