How to play coin master on laptop or pc

How to play coin master on laptop, PC or mac

So, hey guys I am back with another solution of a most asked query. People always have a question that how can I play coin master on my PC, laptop, or mac. The reason for that is most of the people do not have good phones in their hands or else they cannot afford a good phone. The fact is no one will buy an expensive or good phone just to play a game. So here is a solution for you to play coin master on your PC, laptop or mac. Emulators, yes the only way to play coin master on your PC is to play it through emulators because there is not any official way to play coin master on PC or mac. So now the only problem left is that which emulator is best to play coin master. So don’t worry, I have found a solution to this problem too and after my research, I have prepared a list of the 5 best emulators which can be used to play coin master. 

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Why coin master on PC or mac.

There can be hundreds of reasons to play coin master on PC. If you do not have a good phone you can try that game on your PC or for enhancing your experience of playing coin master you can try for that too. Also, I have tried playing Coin master on my PC and for me, it was an amazing experience to play coin master on a big screen. The details where so awesome and graphics were also looking so cool. The fun of attacking and raiding anyone was so awesome.

Top 5 emulators to play coin master

  • Bluestacks
  • Gennymotion
  • Nox player
  • Ko player
  • Memu player

What is an emulator?

First of all, let me clear you that what is an emulator or android emulator. It is an android virtual device that is created to present an Android system on a PC, Mac or laptop. If you want to know how does the android emulators work you can check here

1. Bluestacks

If you will ask me that, which emulator I will choose from the above list then without wasting any second I will choose Bluestacks. The reason behind that is its performance. It will give you very high performance in terms of graphics, gameplay, or controls. It also has an open-source and bluestacks also allows custom keymapping for keyboard configuration. It really fulfills its promise of providing the best android experience on any other system. It supports both Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS. It is number one on papers as well, as it has around 150 million users over the world.

2. Gennymotion

Gennymotion emulator comes second on my list. If your system isn’t allowing to have bluestacks then you can try this emulator. Its performance is high, its key features are that it supports both the systems i.e Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS and the main feature of this emulator is that it can be also used on the devices with very slow internal storage. So if your system’s slow internal storage is your problem then you can try this emulator for better results.

3. Nox player

Nox player emulator can be called as one of the favorite emulators of high-end gamers and a huge number of its 150 million+ current users justify the above sentence very well. Although its performance is not so high its feature of allowing multiple windows at a time makes this emulator’s place all over the Asian market.

4. Ko player

Ko player offers you very smooth gaming experience. It is an open-source emulator. You can use this emulator on your macOS or on your Microsoft windows to play coin master. The performance of this emulator is not so efficient but you can use it to play coin master in your PC. I also read Reviews of this emulator, and after reading them I got that you will get an amazing gaming experience while using this emulator.

5. Memu player

Memu player is the one that is known for its speed and for its optimized graphics. If you want to enjoy each and every detail of coin master game’s graphics then you can use this emulator also. This emulator is new in the market but it currently has a great user base of 20 million. The installation process of this emulator is so easy. And it too has many other helpful features which can be used by anyone in order to ease their work.


All these emulators are shortlisted by me based on some of my research and this was the article that helped me a lot. If you want to learn in-depth about emulators you can read the article from and as always if you have any queries feel free to write them down in comments or you can read our FAQs section.