How much every level costs in Coin Master

How Many levels are there in Coin Master?

Currently, there are 252 levels in the Coin Masters game but this number is not accurate at all as after every update of Coin Masters new levels are added to their map by the developers. Now the question is how much every level costs in coin master to get completed.

Trick to find the of any level in Coin Masters

So if you will question me that how do I know the cost of each level of Coin Master. I find this with this trick that is if you will multiply the cost of 1st star of the 5th item of the village by 30 than you will get to know the cost that village will take, i.e.
Cost of 1st Star of 5th item * 30 = Cost of that village

But wait there is a little catch that in October 2019 Coin Master game decided to give 20% discount on every village so after that decision here is that formula to calculate the village cost.

Cost of 1st Star of 5th item * 30 = Amount before discount,
Amount before discount – 20% = Actual Amount after discount.
So now you know how to find the cost of any village in coin masters but don’t worry guys for your ease I have provided you with a list showing the cost of each village in Coin Masters.
So, I hope that u guys are going with satisfaction. If you guys still have some other queries let me know about them in comments. I will assist all of your queries as soon as possible till then bubye and have a good day 🙂

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