Does using money in coin master worth it

So, hey guys I am back with another answer to a query which every coin master player has nowadays that “does using money in coin master worth it” or should I buy some coins, spins and pet xps with real money? So in today’s blog, I will try to give you a fair idea which will help you to decide whether to invest money in the game or not.



does using money in coin master worth it



Many people decide to buy coins and spins in the game because the way offers are highlighted in the game it can attract anyone in the game to buy the coins and spins.


The fact is that coin master is that type of game where in-game ads are not displayed. And it is a very good thing that coin master developer doesn’t want to reduce their user’s in-game experience. 
You can see ads in their game only when you choose to earn some coin or spins by watching ads. So the only way to earn for them is that in-app purchase.
(Note, it’s just an assumption of mine about them and you can take this as my personal opinion and I don’t know any truth about its developer’s earnings and all and it’s just my personal opinion.)
But according to me instead of focusing too much on the offers you should focus on the game and your strategies. A famous quote states that
“Instead of buying 10 dollars from 1 dollar you should buy a business idea which can earn you 1000 dollars.’’
The above phrase means that you should not buy more money with less money but you should buy a strategy that can help you to earn lots of money. 
Similarly, instead of focusing on the offers focus on the tips and tricks and strategies like how to save my village from attacks, how to stack coins in the game,  how to get rare cards in the game.


According to my personal opinion what I feel is that these offers are way too expensive at least for me they are very expensive. Because the rewards you would get in return of spending more than 500 Indian rupees (around 6.5 dollars) are the rewards which a normal player can earn just by raiding on a person who stacks so many coins.


Diamond heist offers in coin

People also think to buy diamond heist offer in coin master. The special thing about this offer is that it gives you free spins in the first half of the offer. After that, on the second part, you have to make a purchase and then the third part of offer opens where you get a free mystery chest in which there are chances that you might get a joker card in it.
 And this thing attracts the users to buy this offer. But the fact is instead of purchasing that offer one can buy more than 10 billion coins in with that money and can buy chests with them in boom villages. And I can guarantee you that you will get more than two new golden cards if you will buy a chest in boom villages.

Best offers in coin master

If you are still interested in purchasing coins and spins by using real money then I will suggest you to purchase coins and spins when a special offer comes in or when coin master hits a huge milestone like they recently hit the milestone of 10 million followers on their Facebook. At this time when they achieve milestone very cheap and value for money offers can come and then you can fulfil your wish of making an in-game purchase in coin master.


So I hope that all the doubts you guys were having in regards of making an in-app purchase in coin master are now clear. And I will again say that this was my personal opinion and you guys might have a different opinion regarding this topic and also this article doesn’t have any intension to harm coin master’s reputation. Even I personally like that game so much and love to play it.
And yes, if you guys have any queries then you can read our FAQs section or can ask them in comments I will assist all of them.