Coin Master Fun | Coin master free spins

Coin Master fun game

Coin Master fun is a game based on a free casino spin slot machine. Here you have to earn coins by spinning the slot machine and then you have to build your villages. Each village of coin master has 5 characters and every character must be upgraded 5 times to complete the village.


Coin Master free spins

Coin Master game himself provide free spin links on their different social media accounts we just collect all the links from there and upload it to our free spin links page so that you guys can collect that links without any problem and can enjoy coin master fun.

How to Play Coin Master

Coin Master is a fun and easy game. It is very simple to play once you will download the game you will get to know how to play it still here is a small tutorial for you. It’s very easy after installing the game you have to choose whether you want to play in guest mode or through Facebook. After that, you will land at the slot machine where you will see a spin button click on that, and as the slot machine stops some coins will be added to your wallet. You can see the number of coins at the upper left corner and then you can go to your village through the navigation menu. The navigation menu is located at the upper right corner. If you want to see the full beginner to advanced tutorial watch it here.

Coin Master download

You can download Coin master from the play store or can visit the official site of this game’s developer Moon active’s site from here.
It has over 80 million downloads across the world in just three years.


Coin master game gives birth to many rivalries as it allows your friends to attack your village. You get a choice to collect shields to save your village but you can not gather more than five shields so you have to be aware every hour about the number of shields you currently have.


Another impacting feature of this game is that you can steal coins from other players by raiding them. And other players can also raid you so you have to think twice before stacking coins. Two simple ways to get fewer raids on you are that never stack coins just buy chests with them. The second one is to try to build your village with them or you can use ghost mode to play.


This game runs events regularly which helps players to levels up faster. All these events are very interesting. Due to which the interest of the players remains in this game. Also, these events run for only some time which causes the players to log in to the game many times in the day.


Cards play an important role in this game. Cards can be collected through chests that can be found by buying chests. Sometimes cards can also be found while raiding other players. Every card set has 9 cards to fill as soon as you collect all the 9 cards of a particular set you get rewards. To know every bit of cards section you can read this detailed article on cards.

Tips and tricks

What makes coin master a fun game is its tips and tricks like free spin links or the ghost mode in coin master and many more tricks based on the attack and raids. These tricks just make you a huge fan of coin master.