10 million followers coin master 5k spins gift

Update this giveaway is restarted by coin master on completing 12 million followers. Winners will be announced on 2nd august. RULES ARE SAME AS WRITTEN BELOW.

Coin Master 10 million followers

Hey guys, many of you may not know that coin master has now completed 10 million likes on their Facebook page.
10 million followers

Coin master rewards

As you all know that coin master always gives huge rewards whenever their pages or any accounts reach any milestone like 1m, 5m or 10m. The same will happen this time and And not only this, but the coin master game has also organized a giveaway. This is a giveaway of 5000 spins, yes you read it you can get 5000 spins if your luck game is very strong.

Free spin rewards

As you all know that Coin Master daily provides free spin links on their different social media accounts. They are doing the same in this celebration but this time there may be much bigger and better rewards so you guys have to stay tuned at the free spins links page as I will update all the links there as soon as they will be available.

How to participate in the giveaway

The giveaway is being conducted on Facebook Instagram and Twitter. So you have three chances to participate in this giveaway. Here is the tutorial on how to participate in the giveaway.


For twitter, it’s very simple you have to just go to coin master’s official account and retweet their pinned tweet and that’s it you are now a part of this giveaway.
We’re celebrating 10 million followers on our fan page! #RETWEET for a chance to win 5,000 spins! 😍https://t.co/EvFsaiGpv5 pic.twitter.com/5aMGEEFdF1

— Coin Master (@CoinMasterGame) June 12, 2020


For Instagram, you have to do some work. The first step is that you have to open your Instagram and search for Coin master in their profile you will see a filter icon just beside the feed icon. Click on it and you will see a filter click on it and capture a good picture with that filter and post it to your Instagram story and yes do not forget to tag coin master in that story otherwise you will get disqualified and your entry for that giveaway will not be counted.


For Facebook what you have to do is go to this post which I have attached below and now you have to just stop that video when the number 10,000,000 comes on the screen and then you have to take a screenshot as evidence and post it in the comment below that same post. And that’s it, after completing the above-mentioned steps you will successfully register your entry in this giveaway.

In-game coin master rewards

Coin Master is also making in-game changes for their 10 million followers celebrations. They have started a joker tournament with the name of 10 million followers special tournament and Viking quest event is also being conducted in the game. There is another good news for the players who use real money in the game and purchase coins and spins by using money. The good news is that it is giving high discounts on the in-app purchases.