5 other games like coin master to play

5 Other games like coin master

Hey folks, how you guys doing? I hope you guys are alright. So, today I am going to share with you that you can play in place of coin master. These games have very similar features as compared to coin master. So here is the list of 5 other games like coin master.

  • Pirate kings
  • Pirate Master
  • Piggy go
  • Boom island
  • Gardenscapes
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1. Pirate Kings

So this 150 MB game can be said as the best alternative game for coin master. It has a Very Good rating of 4.4 and has 1 million reviews and has over 10 million downloads. It hails in the casual category and is at number 7 position in top-grossing games. After this numbers game let me tell you the reason behind these good numbers. Its graphics and animations always justify these good numbers. After installing the pirate kings you will enjoy the feel of being a pirate. In place of slot machine feature, it has a spin wheel where some amount of coins are written and attack and steal are also written. In pirate kings, you get 50 spins like it was in coin master now coin master has 50 spins. You have to swipe left to see your village, where you can build your village items. If you are bored of playing coin master or else if you are looking for a coin master alternative then Pirate King is going to be your next favourite. 

Pros : 


  • Good animations and graphics
  • Ratings are above 4 stars.
  • Similar features like coin master

Cons :


  • Only 50 spins in 10 hours.
  • Cards and pets are also missing.
  • It is very big in size. 


2. Pirate Master


Pirate Master can be defined or called a Coin Master clone because from the slot machine to raid feature everything is similar to coin master but it is also based on the Pirate theme. It has some good things that it when you use slot machine your pirate and ship will be displayed at back and whenever you earn coins or get a chance to attack or raid, your pirate jumps and makes sounds like oh ho oh and so on. But the fact is it is a mixture of Coin Master and Pirate Kings which results in many bugs in the game and which makes this game dependent on these two game’s features. It has over 500k downloads and has a rating of 4.5.


Pros : 


  • The pirate themes and sounds are very realistic.
  • Ratings are above 4 stars.
  • Similar features like coin master.


Cons :



  • Only 50 spins in 10 hours.
  • Updates are dependent on coin master.
  • It asks you to do a purchase for an ad-free experience. 





3. Piggy go

If you are disappointed with the common features and gameplays and now you are looking for a game that has the same features as coin master but you also want different and interactive interfaces than Piggy Go is the perfect choice for you. I have also downloaded it for review and trust me, it was a really amazing experience for me. You get a dice board and a piggy to run over that dice and whenever you roll the dice the piggy runs on the dice board. However, its gameplay is equivalent to Coin master but its concept is totally different and its numbers show the same. It has over 1 million downloads on the play store and has a rating of 4.5 in its 180k reviews. So if you are bored with all the pirate theme-based games then Piggy go is going to be your next coin master.
Pros : 
  • The piggy and dice board concept is awesome.
  • Ratings are above 4 stars.
  • Similar features like coin masters but different gameplay.

Cons :
  • It takes a good amount of space on your phone.
  • Ads and offers will annoy you.
  • It is big in size, its size is 168 Mb. 



4. Boom Island

Boom island can also be called as a coin master clone. The only feature which makes this game different from coin master is that it has a spin wheel in place of a slot machine. It has also the pet features that is why it can be called a coin master clone. Now, let’s look at its numbers. Although it is very new in the market it has more than 10k downloads but its ratings are just of 4.2 stars in its 1k reviews.


Pros : 





  • Overall animation experience is very good.
  • Ratings are above 4 stars.
  • It has a size of 61 Mb.



Cons :


  • It takes so much time to load ads.
  • Offers are very expensive and can irritate you.
  • It can not be trusted as it is a very newly launched game. 



5. Gardenscapes

If you are thinking that why this game is in this list then let me tell you that, if you are bored of playing coin master and these pirate theme based spin wheel games then Gatdenscapes is the perfect choice for you. Garden scapes don’t have any feature similar to coin master but its gameplay matches to coin master in some terms. After you log in the game a butler will ask you your name and you will be his owner from thereon. After that, you have to play a game where you have to match three fruits and after completing that game you get stars, and then you can use those stars to complete your mansion.


Pros : 


  • Play store’s Editor’s choice.
  • Ratings are above 4 stars.
  • It doesn’t have too many ads and you get a choice whether to play ads for rewards or not.
  • It also features mini-games like riddles and so on.


Cons :


  • Its size is above 100Mb.
  • In-app purchases are a bit expensive. 





So, here was the list of the five games like coin master which you can play along with coin master or in place of coin master. And if you are going to try any of these games then you can also use coin master tips and tricks in these games too. I hope you guys will surely like this and as always if you have any queries you can find your answers in our FAQs section or can leave your queries in the comment box, I will assist all of them.