10000 spins in coin master? How to manage

Hey guys, In this blog we will discuss how to manage 10,000 spins in coin master. Also, we will discuss all the challenges you are going to face while having more than 10000 spins in coin master.

10000 Spins in coin master
Screenshot from coin master

Having 10000 spins in coin master?

Many beginners think that having 10000 spins is very burdensome but trust me it is not like that. When I started coin master I had no idea about cards and stacking coins. My only aim was to just cross the villages as fast as one can. But when I was at 55th village I realized that how important collecting a card is. Then, I started a new id and followed all the tips and tricks that I knew. And, trust me I leveled up 3 times faster than my first account and also I reached 10000 spins mark in the 76th level. There was a time when I had more than 100,000 spins in coin master. And there were many other people too who had more than 100,000 spins but after some updates, these things ended.

Why it is difficult to have 10,000 spins

It is now very difficult to have more than 10000 spins in coin master. Because before the arrival of these updates it doesn’t matter who had how many spins. And all the players got the same rewards on completing the same events. What mattered at that time was a player’s level and all rewards were given on the level basis. But after these updates coin master divided all the players into some categories. Here is that categories:-

  1. Players below 10,000 spins
  2. The player having above 10,000 spins
  3. Players above 20,000 spins and so on.

Challenges while having 10,000 spins

Now as I mentioned above that coin master divided players into categories. So the main purpose behind doing this was that of giving targets to all the players based on their spins amount. The developers of the coin master made it hard to win events for the players who had above 1000 spins. Let me give you an example, as I told you I have two coin master ids.

So if I will have more than 10,000 spins in my first id and attack master event is running in the game then my first mission will be to attack 10 times to get a reward of 30 spins. But in my second where I have less than ten thousand spins then I will get a mission to attack for 8 times to get a reward of 50 spins. And if I will try to complete all the event’s missions when I will have more than 10,000 spins then it will be very difficult for me to manage 10,000 spins till the end of that event.

How to manage 10,000 spins in coin master

So, now the main question is how to manage 10k spins in coin master. Here are some short strategies to follow which can help you to manage 10k spins in coin master.

Don’t stack too many spins

The first option is to never stack more than 10k spins in coin master. This very simple strategy to follow. What you have to do is that you have to play until you are not getting over 10,000 spins. You can also set a target for yourself. Like you can set that when I will have more than 7000-8000 spins I will stop playing in that event and will wait for the next event. This can also help you in managing 10,000 spins in coin master.

Wait for the right event

As you guys already know that coin master celebrates every festival through their in-game events. And they also celebrate when they achieve a milestone like they recently got 10 million followers on their Facebook page. Thus, you have also to wait for these special events. And if you already have more then 10,000 spins then you should definitely wait for the special events.


As of now only, these two strategies will work for you if you want to manage 10,000 spins in coin master. I hope you guys have got my words. If you guys still have any queries left then feel free to ask them in comments or you guys can find you query’s solution in our FAQs section.